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    Presentation to Shareholders  
    Presentation to the Noosa Mining Conference  
    AGM Presentation  
    BBY Energy Conference Presentation  
    AGM Presentation to Shareholders  
    Company Video Presentation  
    Noosa Mining Conference Presentation  
    Austex Oil July Presentation  
    Investor Presentation - June 2013  
    Excellence in Oil and Gas presentation - Daniel Lanskey  
    November Corporate Presentation  
    August 2012 Investor Presentation  
    Presentation for North American Roadshow  
    June 2012 Investor Presentation  
    AGM Presentation  
    February 2012 Corporate Presentation  
    September 2011 USA Presentation  
    Clarification of Matters in AGM Presentation  
    2011 AGM Presentation  
    Investor Presentation May 2011  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Corporate Presentation Update Dec 2010  
    July 2010 Investor Presentation Update - AGM  
    Investor Presentation - February 2010  
    AGM Presentation  
    Investor Presentation - May 2009  
    AGM and Investor Presentation